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At Horizon Alarms, we like to take time every week to answer questions commonly asked by consumers interested in purchasing an alarm system. This week, we'll be focusing on keeping your fire system up to code.
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Top 5 security tips for your doors and windows

Top 5 security tips for your doors and windows

At Horizon Alarms, we like to take time every week to answer questions commonly asked by consumers interested in purchasing an alarm system. This week, we’ll be focusing on the top 5 security tips for your doors and windows.

If your doors and windows are not secure, then neither is your property. With two-thirds of burglars entering your house through a door, it should come as no surprise that the main focus of home security is doors, locks, and windows. A recent survey revealed that many homeowners make it easier for burglars by making basic mistakes. Over half (54%) of respondents admitting they have gone out and accidently left their front door unlocked, while 1 in 5 confessed to accidentally leaving a window open while they were on vacation.

Burglars are opportunists and poor door or window security is most certainly an opportunity for burglars. Below we’ve listed our top window and door security tips to make your home more secure without having to install unattractive bars or cages.

  • 1. Fit a Door Chain You may want to install a door chain, as well as a door viewer, to enable you to see who’s outside without having to open the door. If the lock on your door is capable of being operated without a key from the inside, then you should consider fitting a letter box restrictor as well.
  • 2. Key Alike For A One Key House Any locksmith worth their salt has the ability to provide the convenience of keying your locks alike. This means that the same key can operate every lock in your property. For example, one key will be able to unlock your front door, back door, and possibly even padlocks that you might have on your shed. This way, you’ll have less keys to keep track of which hopefully leads to less keys being lost.
  • 3. Window Restrictors Devices which stop a window from being fully opened are more of a safety item rather than a security one. Though, even if they’re there to stop people from falling out of second story windows, they also provide the added balance of making it difficult to use a window to gain entry to the home.
  • 4. Reinforced Glass / Security Film Another alternative would be to reinforce the glass in the window or apply a security film, as these will help defend against direct attacks on the glass.
  • 5. Lose The Shrubbery Everyone loves a flowery landscaping, but it belongs nowhere near your door (or windows). Never plant shrubs, bushes, or trees to obscure your doors. They make it far too easy for a burglar to be sneaky and stay hidden while doing that.

Inadequate doors and windows make an intruder’s job that much easier. Try employing any of the tips listed above to protect yourself from becoming their targets. If you need assistance in purchasing, installing, inspecting, or perfecting the security needs for your home or office, call the Horizon Alarms team at 800-467-1832 or send us a message and we’ll reach out to discuss all of your alarm needs.

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