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Our mission is to make sure all your security needs are met with the utmost professionalism. We are committed to delivering exceptional service at an exceptional price!
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Keep your business safe and secure

Unless you run a large company, your business can’t be staffed with security or employees around the clock. And even when employees are around, the changing world has made providing security to staff and customers a challenging task.


It’s extremely important to keep your business secure, and that’s why you need to enlist the best security experts in the area.


When you contact our fully licensed and insured experts, you can get high tech security systems that will allow everything from monitoring to smart functions that lock down your building when necessary. Our services also include installation of surveillance systems, CCTVs, emergency lighting and card access.


You can even save money with our Friends of Horizon Alarms referral program, where you’ll get great rewards for your referrals.

Prevent fire damage and other threats from taking hold

Threats to your business don’t always come in the form of other individuals. In fact, one of the biggest threats to any building (or residence, for that matter), is fire damage.


When you get our fire alarms, you’ll be protected against the threat of fire damage. A quick response is critical when you want to avoid the loss of equipment, resources, and most importantly, employees or customers during a fire. Our systems are geared for just that type of fast response.


Get your FREE estimate on security and alarm systems from us that will make your business safe and secure. You can even choose a monitoring system with low monthly rates to give your security system that extra edge.

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